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Behind the Flow – Grow in Solitude, Melanie Bosboom

In her solo exhibition ‘Behind the flow – Grow in solitude’, Melanie Bosboom (1971) views the studio as conquered territory, a safe space secured from the outside world. A space which allows for raw, unfiltered introspection, unburdened by contextualization or interpretation. Where there’s room for research, questions and play, without any hesitation or inhibitions. A place where the most profound and intimate can be shared. Where boundaries are explored and the fluidity of the ‘self’ is experienced. But above all, where growth can be achieved in solitude.

For Bosboom, the creative process is intertwined with her own existence and her connection to her surroundings. A way to explore different possibilities of ‘being present’, and how the ‘self’ relates to the environment. She uses topics concerning our humanity that touch her very being, both physically and figuratively. The exhibition is about the power of vulnerability. About the failing body that reveals itself or chooses to hide, and takes different shapes in ‘being’.


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