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Fights bullfighting – Alvaro Sotomayor

Alvaro Sotomayor (Malaga 1970)
Alvaro Sotomayor’s creativity affects different aspects in his world, After finishing the art academy he started working at advertising agencies and is nowadays creative director and mentor, but he has also always expressed himself creating art. His creative and artistic talents come actually even more life in his art, which often has a side of activism to it. With his art Alvaro wants to make the world aware of the problems he feels strongly about. For instance one of his art projects reacts to the mass migration happening in Europe from war torn countries.  His art series called Toro will be on exhibition at Kunst Kan from September 3 – September 25 and is a response to and protest against bullfights.
“For me the story of the medium is as important as the form it takes”

Toro Series
After instigating the anti-bullfighting movement in Spain with his creativity in the late 90’s, Alvaro’s Toro series takes one step further by heralding each bull that has ever killed a man in Spain since recorded history. This pictorial journey explores the language of the medium itself and a self-exploration into the world of the masculine. The works approaches the subject with the intensity of a fight, the fertility of an artist and the bravery of self-discovery.
“Each painting is a fight, black and white, what stays, stays, there are no second thoughts…it’s like a fight to the death with a brush or spray can”

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