You are currently viewing Hell No – Group show curated by Airco Caravan

Hell No – Group show curated by Airco Caravan

Group Show curated by Airco Caravan (US/NL),
with Macon Reed (US)
Valeri Larko (US)
Adrian Childress (US)
AirRich (NL)
Joyce Overheul (NL)

Opening reception on International Women’s Day Wednesday, March 8, 2o23

Airco Caravan’s move from Amsterdam to New York last summer, wasn’t just fun. One of the first things that had to be bought was a huge spray can of RAID, to get rid of the cockroaches. This spray can is always within reach. Every time a roach shows up, it’s PSHHHH: kill. Unpleasant, but necessary.

This brought Caravan to the idea of a new body of work. As an activist, feminist artist she fights for a better world through art. And wouldn’t it be convenient if we could spray away all nasty things in our society? Just like killing roaches? It would end misogyny, sexism, racism, fascism, gun violence, patriarchy, all phobias and global warming instantly. Airco Caravan’s Pest Control was born: Pest AC.

For A Better World.

The series is a collection of 100 spray cans and spray bottles with their own design, killing or protecting its own cause. From Hell No and Zap A Racist to Pro Choice and Equal Pay Spray. Warning: it’s ultra effective. Keep away from faint of heart.

This large new body of work premieres at What Art Can Do in Amsterdam. It will display a wall that resembles a supermarket full of spray cans and spray bottles on shelves. There will also be cast and laser cut spray bottles and spray cans. Where hard core activism meets eye candy in an eclectic colorful environment. IG @pest_ac, @airco_caravan –

Macon Reed (US) works in sculpture, installation, video, painting, performance, and participatory projects. Primarily, they create large immersive, handmade installations that host extensive participatory programming through a queer and intersectional feminist lens. A set of central concerns guides each project; consensual power exchange, inquiry towards the collective, and bringing histories or communities together that have been overlooked or structurally disconnected from one another. Reed is also known for their painting and video works. IG @macon_reed_studio –

Adrian Childress (US) is a photojournalist based in New York. Born in 1990 to single mother Adrian was raised in Texas in a family of mostly women. “As a photographer I see Voices and I want to help UNFUCK THE WORLD by capturing and sharing them with others. Every Voice deserves to be heard, and women should be heard the loudest”. In 3 years over 500 people have taken photos and/or shared their messages. The project has reached many states and countries. IG @weunfucktheworld, @adrianlchildress –

Valeri Larko (US) is a plein air painter of rusting industrial sites, aging infrastructure and funky waterways that can be found on the outskirts of the primarily in the Bronx but also in Brooklyn and Queens. She made some changes to the Abortion Funds billboard to get her point across, she added the plane to signify all the women who will have to fly out of state to get a safe abortion if they live in a red state, yet are fortunate to have the funds to fly to a blue state to get the healthcare they need. The red bit of plastic hanging on the actually billboard, was black in real life, but changed to red because it represents the blood of women who will die due to botched illegal abortions. Obviously Larko feels very strongly about this issue. The other billboards are more humorous, although still make a point about the ironies of American culture. If men needed abortions, they’d be safe and legal across the USA. IG @valerilarko –

Joyce Overheul (NL) grew up in an environment where it is not self-evident that women were treated the same as men. From her sense of justice, she has always been politically interested in things like women’s rights, emancipation, feminism and activism. She works a lot with craft techniques that have long been dismissed as typical women’s hobbies, leisure activities. She combines this with politically charged subjects like misogyny, to create a sharp contrast between the direct content and soft material. IG @joyceoverheul –

AiRich (NL) (pronounced as ‘I-Rich’) is an Afro-Caribbean visual artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. AiRich unites the past and future to create her afro futuristic super beings. After finishing school, she discovered the beauty of photography and fine arts and decided to develop her own view. She uses portrait photography as a medium to tell empowering stories inspired by Black mythology and science fiction. The characters in her work are portrayed by models with features and an appearances that do not conform to western beauty standards, emphasizing the importance of rediscovering and redefining the Black identity. 
IG @airich_  –

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