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In to the muddy river – Oscar Peters & Caroline Ruijgrok

Oscar Peters and Caroline Ruijgrok present an exhibition which focuses on their ceramic work. Many of the works have not been on display before. And even though Peters and Ruijgrok have known each other for years, this is the first time they will exhibit together. Both are versatile makers in a variety of materials. Quite coincidentally, they met during a residency at the EKWC (the European Ceramic Work Center). The center offered room for experimentation in ceramics and a direct, playfulness-driven way of making.

In Into the Muddy River, a sensory curiosity about form and touch is central. The pleasure to be derived from this is of great importance in both Peters’ and Ruijgrok’s work; their work cries out to be caressed with eyes, to be touched in the imagination. A muddy river flows slowly, widening and branching, exposing wonders and horrors. The things that emerge from the mire suggest an event from a parallel universe, like a crack in reality. The river as source of curiosity, driving force of making, touching, moving. Infinite and slow, creating and destroying. The soft, small gesture pulled from the mud, hardened by fire.


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