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The Language of the Skin – Ana María Rueda

Ana María Rueda 
Ana María Rueda is a Colombian artist. Originally, she mainly created paintings and sculptures; the last decade, however, she has expressed herself through video installations and photography-based projects. 

Her work explores the archetypal forms of primordial elements in nature, from which she generates metaphorical correspondences with human experience, such as fear, loss, empathy, and pain in contemporary society. Her work examines the sacred in nature, emphasizing the existential link between the human being and the environment, as well as the interpersonal, ethical and social relationships impacted by the effect of social abuse on the environment.

The Language of the Skin
The Language of the Skin combines two projects of Ana Maria. The contrast between the two is visible, but looking closer makes you realize they share a sensitivity even though approached differently. This exhibition radiates both vulnerability and strength. Ana Maria chooses her materials and medium carefully, it is always part of the art work, so that it completes what she feels she needs to express, to make it understandable, to herself and to the viewer.Red Rivers is a delicately executed fragmentation of a map of rivers of Colombia. It tells us much more than that though. Red Rivers shows a very intimate and personal story that is almost palpable, radiating sensitivity and vulnerability, yet breathing such strength. 

The second series, I am too, the Other, shows the surface of the skin of rocks. You can easily establish this surface is addressed in opposite ways: at first glance you feel power, but looking closer you recognize the sensitivity, the vulnerability, maybe hidden at first sight but so very present that it almost expresses loneliness. 

Both ‘Red Rivers’ and ‘I am too, the Other’ communicate a human and personal Language of the Skin. 


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