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Today is Pink (or whatever color) – Pietertje van Splunter

Saturday 03/02 was the Grand opening of the solo exhibition by Pietertje van Splunter “Today is Pink (or whatever color)”.

Pietertje van Splunter (she/her) has a background as a painter but leaves no medium unexploited. She is using the potentials of color in paintings, videos and spatial installations. Past years she concentrated on paintings where she used color systems, like the color wheel or swatch cards as starting point for her richly hued, sometimes minimalistic works inviting viewers to engage with the transformative power of color.

Her work navigates the intersection of abstraction and representation, conceptualism and pure painting. In her works she pursues the edges of what we understand as abstract painting, they find a form between image and object or might appear as pure abstractions but upon investigation show a perception of the world around her in a language that is both universal and deeply personal. No matter whether she busies herself with the art world or our personal surroundings.

Her work has been shown internationally, including the Venice Biennale in 2015, Poland, England, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand, South Korea and the United States.

Pietertje van Splunter studied at the KABK and is Co-founder and organizer of exhibitions at the Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives. She works and lives with her family in The Hague.

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