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Baharak Dehghan

Baharak Dehghan was born in Tehran, Iran. In 2001 she moved to Amsterdam for more artistic freedom. In 2006 she graduated in fashion design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Baharak has always been fascinated by the mystery and ambiguity of surrealism. The last years she developed her own style in collage works and painting, in which old papers and pictures are torn and placed over one another. In her own words: “The way old pictures and papers layered over each other remind me of the depth of memories in our minds, one behind the other, old and obscure.” Baharak works currently as organizer and curator of the L’Âge d’Or group exhibition. The Surrealistic film L’Âge d’Or inspired her to creating a contemporary version of L’Âge d’Or but with different media. Baharak is searching around the world for surrealistic- artist’s and lovers to bring them together at L’Âge d’Or events.

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