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Oscar Peters – In to the muddy river

Oscar Peters (b. 1981) primarily creates large kinetic sculptures. He holds a BA in Fine Art from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and a Master of Fine Art from Carnegie Mellon University. He exhibits all over the world, with shows from the United States to Japan. One of his largest installations to date was featured on the Dutch TV series Het Klokhuis, encouraging young artists to create. He has been a guest on the Kunst is Lang podcast and on the Nooit Meer Slapen radio show, and was featured in Metropolis M, Het Parool, Trouw, NRC and Volkskrant, among other publications.

Peters is currently exploring larger themes of loss, mourning, and anger. He is fascinated by simulated violence. The urge to destroy is part of humanity in a weirdly obscene way; we possess a morbid desire to watch violence toward the other. Who doesn’t watch the occasional horror movie? Terrifying and at the same time extremely safe; this paradox is exactly what interests Peters the most. Humans are the only species that deliberately seeks out danger. We buckle ourselves into a roller coaster in order to be terrified. We get off on that feeling you get right before you plummet into the abyss. Tempting fate plays a big part in his practice. That naughty, slightly uncomfortable, edge-of-your-seat feeling – that is what Peters wants art to be. 



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